Projectors on Rent in Delhi NCR

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projector on rent in delhi ncrPal projector is a leading service provider for branded Screen & Projectors on rent in Delhi, Gurgaon Noida and entire NCR and also other areas of Delhi within 50 miles with highly competitive price and quality. In the current era of business growth technology is helping a lot, our projectors are very high tech and advanced for your requirements such as birthday, marriage, business meetings, presentations of any kind of show and all requirements.

Our Services

We provide projectors and screen on rent with all the requirements which you ask for, it includes projector rental installation with basic accessories and support, we provide following things which help you to give your best services:-

Tripod Projectorstripod projectors

 It is one of the very convenient projectors which is a portable solution for any projector requirement, we just need to pull-up the screen where the casing attaches to a free-standing tripod platform.





Eyelet Projector Screen

This projector is best suitable for outdoor screening, events, and programs such as community programs, marriage or a city fair. It is placed in a higher spot so that more extensive viewership can be achieved.


Eyelet Projector Screen

Overhead Projector Screen


This projector is specially made for small events, schools, and colleges.

Pull Down Projector Screen

The projector screen is specially made for offices, corporate meetings which is very comfortable and rollable, it can be pulled down whenever projection screen is required. It is also suited for small event spaces such as a classroom & business meetings.

pull down projector screen